Lemans Touring A/S

The Lemans Touring A/S provides All season capabilities and features a 55K mile limited treadwear warranty on T speed rated sizes and a 40K mile limited treadwear warranty on H & V rated sizes. The Lemans Touring A/S offers enhanced handling and durability along with good noise and ride comfort. Great Comfort at a great value!

SizePly/RatingLoad IndexSpeed RatingSidewallUTQG TemperatureUTQG TractionUTQG Treadwear Rating
185/65R14 86T-118 MPHBLACKWALLBB460
185/65R15 88H-130 MPHBLACKWALLAA380
195/65R15 91H-130 MPHBLACKWALLAA380
195/70R14 91T-118 MPHBLACKWALLBA460
205/55R16 91V (VR)-149 MPHBLACKWALLAA380
205/60R15 91H-130 MPHBLACKWALLAA380
205/60R16 92H-130 MPHBLACKWALLAA380
205/65R15 94H-130 MPHBLACKWALLAA380
205/70R15 96T-118 MPHBLACKWALLBA460
215/55R17 94V (VR)-149 MPHBLACKWALLAA380
215/60R16 95H-130 MPHBLACKWALLAA380
215/65R16 98T-118 MPHBLACKWALLBA460
215/70R15 98T-118 MPHBLACKWALLBA460
225/60R16 98H-130 MPHBLACKWALLAA380
225/65R16 100T-118 MPHBLACKWALLBA460

Warranty Information